Always Looking Up!

Rolling through the world in a wheelchair wasn’t something I planned. For me, it happened suddenly, an unfortunate consequence of a head-on collision one rainy Atlanta evening. In a flash, an inexperienced teenage driver veered to the left and hit my car head on. I got pretty broken up. Lots of surgeries. Months in the hospital. Years of healing. And I’m not quite done yet.

We can talk about all that later. First, I just want you to know why I am hereā€¦. Mostly I have some things I want to say. And a different world I want you to see.

Having entered the world as an able person and now living as someone with a disability, I’ve gotten a keen sense of some imbalances in the world. The challenges faced. The opinions formed and the opportunities available.

Sometimes it’s frustrating. Oftentimes it’s enlightening. It’s been an interesting ride in that chair; always looking up to really see the world. Every once in a while I remind myself that much of this has been a gift. A reminder to slow down. To be present. And to love freely and laugh often. What I have learned about people, about life, about determination and about kindness is invaluable.

So we’ll start here. I hope you enjoy the journey. I plan to do my best to show you a different world though my eyes. Its out there, right in front of you, but its difficult to see, unless you’re always looking up.